The online counseling and psychotherapy sessions are individually performed via skype video call. Principles and rules of ethics (privacy issues) meet the privacy rules applied in live meetings.

Online psychotherapy is focused on people who:

  • Live in remote areas where no mental health professional exists.
  • Live abroad and wish to hold sessions using their mother tongue.
  • Have health problems and face difficulty to move.
  • Avoid travelling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Wish to work with a specific therapist who is located in another area.
  • They move or travel often, but wish consistency in their sessions.
  • They prefer to be in their own space, if that makes them feel more comfortable and safer.


Using the new technology, it is possible for everyone who faces difficulty in live appointments to have access to mental health services with his preferred therapist, no matter where he/she is established.

It is important to underline that some inconvenience may occur with the online session, at least initially, such as the difficulty to create a genuine therapeutic atmosphere which exists during live contact. However, the commitments between the therapist and the patient (respect, consistency of treatment frame, confidentiality, acceptance) remain exactly the same in online session and the obstacle can be easily overcome. Research has shown that many patients respond extremely well to this treatment and in many cases the online sessions are proven to be as effective as traditional psychotherapy.

The appointment for the first online session is arranged by a phone call or a contact form. Before arranging the first online session, information is given about the cost, the way of payment and any other information required by the patient. The duration of the online session via skype lasts 60 minutes.

The appointment for the first online session is made by phone or via the contact form. Before scheduling the first online appointment, information is given about the cost, payment method and any other questions of the patient. The duration of the sessions via skype is 60 minutes.

Make your

* To finalize your appointment, you will be preceded by a telephone call.