The family is a living system of human relationships that is constantly evolving. Its members are in constant interaction, acting as a group in which a member’s behaviour influences and is influenced by the whole family. Each family has its own structure and its own personal map containing the codes of communication, the value systems, beliefs, or own “myths”. It also includes data from previous generations, based on the parent map of each parent.

The life cycle of each family goes through various phases, during which the family members are called upon to change and adapt. Examples of this can be the birth of a child or the period when children grow up and leave home (and many more). These changes affect the everyday life of individuals, the roles they take on in the family context and the relationships between them.

The systemic, family therapist observes the relationships and interactions of family members and participates actively in the process, with the aim of strengthening communication and cooperation between them, for the purpose to solve the problems that concern one or more members. In a safe environment, he/she supports family members to express thoughts and concerns, to understand the thoughts, experiences and needs of other members and to recognize the potential of their own family as a group.

Families can decide to start sessions with requests related to communication difficulties, child behaviour issues, tensions and quarrels, parental divorce, mourning, eating disorders, addictions, depression, etc.

The family session lasts 90 minutes. The session can be attended by as many family members as they wish.

The sessions last 60 minutes, however their frequency is a purely individual case and are defined after consultation between the patient and the therapist, based on the request and needs of the former.

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