In couple therapy, the couple usually holds sessions together and possibly, and in addition, separately. The issues that concern them vary: communication issues, extramarital affairs, sexual problems, interference of relatives, issues of power, jealousy incidents, conflicts over raising children, anger, quarrels, psychological or physical violence, substance abuse, or difficulties arising from life phase changing (e.g., children growing up and leaving home) are some of the issues reported by the patients. However, sometimes these are just “the tip of the iceberg”.

The therapist helps partners to discover the deeper and essential issues that afflict them, to reshape their relationship, to reveal the inner desires that they may have never openly expressed, to resolve internal conflicts, to discover together ways to improve their relationship, and therefore, achieve better communication and trust.

Couples decide to start a treatment with the goal of change. They very often focus only on changing their partner and blame him/her for the problems that concern them. The therapist does not ally with either partner and does not assume the role of arbitrator or judge. He remains impartial, but not apathetic, as he actively participates in the discussion, creating an appropriate and safe environment for expression of both partners, with the aim of openly communicate their problems, find solutions, get to know each other better, strengthen their relationship.

Sometimes, couples are late in seeking treatment and the damage to their relationship is great. Some couples start a treatment in order to choose the right way of separation and/or divorce for them, their children and their family.

Couple therapy is aimed at couples, regardless of their sexual orientation or their marriage/relationship status.

The sessions last 60 minutes, however their frequency is a purely individual case and are defined after consultation between the patient and the therapist, based on the request and needs of the former.

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