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Child psychotherapy differs from that of adults in the way it is performed.

The treatment process with adults is based on dialogue, also the active listening. This would be difficult to happen with young children for a long time, as their conversations, even if they have developed a fluent vocabulary, may be short and easily distracted; they also change the subject, look for toys in the space.

In child psychotherapy the main tool is the game that, in any case is the “language” of young children and the main way for their expression, development and experimentation. The main ingredient here is the creation of an authentic relationship and a safe environment, in which the child feels comfortable to express and share thoughts and feelings in any way he deems most appropriate. The therapist participates actively in the process and encourages the child in creative activities, such as symbolic play (puppetry with gloves and finger puppets, various toys, animal-toys, etc.), painting, storytelling and discussion, creating stories through imagination, role-playing games. The child feels free to move around and choose with the therapist the materials they will use for their activities (playdough, books, paper glues, paper, markers, crayons, chalkboards, dolls, various toys).

Therefore, the treatment of children includes a mixture of discussion and therapeutic play, aimed at expressing emotion and the difficulties they face, understanding and accepting themselves, developing and enhancing individual and communication skills, strengthening self-confidence and much more.

During children psychotherapy, for the best response of the child and the whole family, the parallel psychotherapeutic or counseling support of the parents is considered necessary.

The sessions last 60 minutes, however their frequency is a purely individual case and are defined after consultation between the patient and the therapist, based on the request and needs of the former.

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