Adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood, a period with many changes on biology and psycho-emotion level. The adolescent faces the emerging challenges of adulthood, becomes somewhat independent from the family system and focuses on relationships with important others and participation in social groups.

Changes in the body, constant rearrangements, new experiences, stress of school, choice of career, difficulties in the family, may cause tension, discomfort and a feeling of frustration in the teenager, as well as the feeling that “no one understands him “.

Problems such as uncontrollable anger, emotional disturbances, psychosomatic symptoms, internet addiction, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depressive behavior, antisocial/delinquent behaviour, sexuality issues may occur during adolescence.

Building a therapeutic relationship based on absolute confidentiality, acceptance, empathy and respect, gives the adolescent space to talk about what concerns him.

Individual psychotherapy helps the adolescent to discover himself and his abilities, to recognize and express openly his feelings and difficulties, to relieve his symptoms, to understand his position and role in the family system, to reflect on his interpersonal relationships, to consider his choices, to explore and construct his unique identity and to develop his autonomy.

The redevelopment supports the whole family system of the teenager. The family also, if the teenager wishes it, can participate actively in the treatment process, carrying out some “family therapy” meetings, in addition to individuals.

The session lasts 60 minutes. They are usually weekly; however, their frequency is an absolutely personal matter.

The sessions last 60 minutes, however their frequency is a purely individual case and are defined after consultation between the patient and the therapist, based on the request and needs of the former.

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